The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of August 1, 2022 on B&B (2024)

Finn and Steffy reunited. The couple rejoiced but still seemed deeply affected by their past trauma. Sheila showed up on Deacon's doorstep, begging for help. Hope posted a photo on social media that sent Ridge reeling and locking lips with Taylor. In the aftermath, Taylor asked Ridge why he'd kissed her.

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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of August 1, 2022 on B&B (9)

by Chanel S. Garner

In Monaco, Finn approached a woman by a city overlook. She turned and stared quizzically at him, and he apologized, saying he'd gotten the wrong person.

At the hotel, Ridge and Taylor received a call from Deputy Chief Baker. Ridge announced that Finn was alive, but Baker said he already knew that. Baker congratulated Ridge and his family on Finn's return, but Baker said he had bad news -- Sheila had escaped again.

Later, Taylor and Ridge admitted they were glad Mike had been found and that Li was safe. Finn called to say he'd had no luck in finding Steffy. Taylor stated that since Amelia had picked up the kids, Taylor and Ridge could join the search for Steffy.

Sometime later, Taylor, Ridge, and Flavia met up with Finn in the city. Flavia hugged Finn, saying she'd never thought she'd be meeting him. Flavia said she had sent Ridge a text message of places Steffy might have taken a walk. Finn remarked that Steffy was walking around without her phone. Flavia stated that Steffy, in a deep depression, didn't care about anything but her kids and being with Finn. The group decided to split up to try to find Steffy.

On the promenade, Ridge and Taylor separately searched for Steffy, and strangers recognized Ridge. He doubled back and met up with Taylor. They decided to try the harbor again.

As Finn searched the square, Steffy sat on a bench, remembering times with Finn. A woman approached and asked if Steffy was okay and if the woman could help. Steffy replied that she wasn't okay, but there was no one who could help her. "Maybe there is," the woman stated. As she walked away, a bell tolled. Steffy looked up and saw that she was outside of a church.

Inside the church later, Steffy lit candles. Outside, Finn wondered where Steffy was. The bells tolled again. Finn trotted down a long set of stone stairs and rounded the church courtyard in time to see Steffy exiting the church. He yelled her name.

Steffy looked up and gasped in disbelief. Finn continued to call to her. She recognized him and ran through the courtyard. Finn ran to her, and they hugged each other. Steffy quizzically stared at him, touching him, and questioning how it could be. Finn cried out that he was alive.

At Deacon's place, Deacon tried to ignore the pounding at his front door. As it grew louder, he answered the door, telling who Deacon thought was Paul that Deacon wouldn't work another shift. In strode a desperate Sheila, and Deacon asked if she was insane. He took the question back and asked what she was doing there. Sheila replied that she had nowhere to go.

Deacon said Sheila couldn't run forever, but Sheila replied that she'd do whatever it took to stay out of prison. He asserted that "doing whatever it took" was what had gotten her in trouble. Sheila blamed her predicament on Steffy, but refusing to hear that, Deacon asked what had really gone on in that alley prior to the shooting. He assumed Steffy had called Sheila out for sabotaging Brooke.

Sheila said she'd never wanted to hurt Steffy, but it had been either Steffy, or Sheila would go away for the rest of her life. Deacon asked if Sheila had really been okay with taking a mother -- both parents, actually -- from their kids. "But I didn't," she reasoned.

Deacon asked what Sheila had been doing with a gun, anyway, but then he decided that the less he knew, the better. He said nothing would change the fact that she'd killed her son. "But I didn't," Sheila gleefully replied. She stated that the beauty of it all was that Finn was alive.

Later, Sheila had told Deacon the whole story about Li and Finn, and Deacon gleaned that Li had been hiding Finn, protecting him from Sheila. Sheila, however, insisted that she and Li had taken care of Finn together.

Deacon called it surreal. Agreeing that it was surreal, Sheila said she'd been looking for Finn's grave, but she'd found out that she could have more time with him. Deacon was amazed that Finn's mother had brought him back to life. Sheila started talking about how she'd shocked Finn with the paddles, but Deacon clarified that he'd been talking about Li.

Deacon asked if Steffy knew that her husband was alive. Sheila believed that Steffy could be hearing it at that moment. Sheila claimed that all she wanted was Finn's happiness. She said she couldn't have a place in Finn's life, though, because she was a fugitive.

Upset that Sheila had gone to his place, Deacon said he was on probation. Sheila apologized, but she said that he was all she had. She claimed she needed his help, and she swore she'd never ask for anything else. Deacon asserted that she was asking him to harbor a fugitive. Sheila doubted anyone would ever know she'd been there. He said he'd barely gotten out of prison himself. He asked if she expected him to give up his freedom for her.

Sheila speculated that if she got caught, she'd never see the light of day again; however, she hadn't actually killed anyone. Deacon asserted that she'd gotten lucky, but it didn't mean she could get a free pass. Sheila stated that she deserved to be punished, but she reasoned that believing she'd killed her own son for weeks had been torture enough.

Sheila said Finn and Steffy had been given the gift of a second chance, and they'd bond even more over what had happened. Deacon wondered if Sheila even heard herself. He asked where it all left her. Sheila didn't know anything except that she couldn't go back behind bars. She stated that she was asking a lot, but she needed him.

Just then, Baker and a team of cops knocked on Deacon's door. Baker ordered Deacon to open the door. Sheila begged Deacon, and he panicked about what to do.

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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of August 1, 2022 on B&B (10)

by Chanel S. Garner

At Deacon's place, Deputy Chief Baker banged on the front door, urging Deacon to open up. Deacon told Sheila that she'd said she wouldn't drag him into it. Sheila reminded him that the cops didn't know she was there, and all he had to do was to make the cops leave.

Deacon shooed Sheila, and she disappeared from sight. He poured bottled water on his head and answered the door as he toweled himself off. Deacon told Baker that he was very late for work. Baker asked if Deacon had heard from Sheila. Deacon claimed that he hadn't. Baker asked Deacon to get in touch with the police if Sheila showed up there.

Baker and his officers left, and Deacon locked the door to his flat. Sheila appeared and thanked him. Deacon didn't want any thanks. He stated that he didn't even know what he'd done. Sheila claimed she wasn't a murderer, but Deacon quipped that she'd given it a good shot. He asserted that he wouldn't go back to prison for anyone, and he wouldn't let Sheila screw it up.

Sheila asked where Deacon would be if it hadn't been for her. He replied that he hadn't been running from the law, but she insisted that she'd been a friend when he'd had no one. He responded that she'd used him, and she was trying to do it again.

Sheila wondered if she needed to beg for Deacon's help. Dismissing the idea, Deacon accused her of almost killing her son. In her view, she hadn't tried to kill Finn; she'd actually saved him. She asserted that she'd been there when Finn had needed her. She said she'd nursed Finn back to health so he could reunite with his family. Deacon shook his head in disbelief.

Deacon decided that Sheila shouldn't have come to him. She said all she needed was to rest and get her thoughts together around a plan. "Here's a plan. Go somewhere else now," Deacon told her. Sheila told Deacon that Baker could be out there.

Agreeing, Deacon recalled that he'd pretended to be on his way to work when he'd talked to Baker. Deacon decided he should probably leave. "After I go, you leave the other way," he instructed Sheila, but she asked where she'd go. He didn't know, nor did he want to know. He asserted that he wanted her out of his place and out of his life.

Sheila asked how Deacon could say that after all she'd done for him. Deacon stated that what she'd done had been to ruin people's lives. He said it was on her, not him. "We're done. Do not come back here again. Do you understand me?" Deacon said, and he walked out. Sheila locked the door behind him and helplessly banged her head on it.

At Forrester, Brooke and Hope had told Zende about Finn. Brooke was anxious to hear from Ridge and find out if Steffy and Finn had reunited. Zende wondered if Finn had recovered from his injuries. Brooke said that being with Steffy and the kids would be the best medicine for Finn.

Hope told Brooke and Zende to imagine how the moment in France would be. Hope believed that all the sadness and pain Steffy and the kids had felt would instantly melt away. Brooke said they all felt that way, and she hoped the authorities put Sheila away for good that time.

Outside the church in Monaco, Steffy was stunned and sobbing as she touched Finn. Steffy told Finn that she'd seen him get shot. He promised to explain it all, but first, he wanted to look into her eyes and kiss her. Finn did exactly that, and Steffy sobbed in his arms.

In Ridge's hotel room, Ridge and Taylor arrived. They hadn't found Steffy, but they were confident that Finn would. Ridge said to imagine what Steffy would do when she saw Finn.

Finn and Steffy arrived. Steffy was still in disbelief about how it had all happened. Taylor asked for her phone to call Amelia, but Ridge decided that they should give Finn and Steffy more time alone. Taylor took a picture of Finn and Steffy to post so that everyone back home would see it. Finn asked her to send it to his mother and father. Taylor agreed as she and Ridge exited.

In another hotel room, Taylor and Ridge were trying to figure out who to call about Finn. She suggested Thomas, but Ridge's phone rang. Brooke was on the line, and Ridge gave her the news about Finn. Brooke said Liam had told them about Finn, and she was ecstatic that Finn and Steffy had reunited. Ridge wished they could focus on their lives and kids, but he said they couldn't with Sheila still on the loose. Brooke was irate to hear that Sheila had escaped again with Mike's help. Ridge urged Brooke to remain vigilant.

Back at Forrester, Hope was upset that Mike Guthrie had helped Sheila get away. Hope said they had to tell others that Sheila was on the loose. Brooke agreed but believed it was only a matter of time before Sheila was caught. Brooke didn't want Sheila to overshadow the joy of what had happened. Hope agreed and asked how Ridge was.

Brooke said Ridge had been extremely happy -- and in shock. Brooke admitted she could only imagine how Ridge and Taylor felt as Steffy's parents.

Alone with Finn in Ridge's hotel room, Steffy said it still didn't feel real to her, especially after she'd held the dead Finn in her arms. Finn explained that Li had discovered a trace of life in him and had smuggled him out of the hospital. He said she'd set him up on life support, and eventually, Sheila had shown up. Sheila had taken over and pretended that she'd saved him. Finn said he despised Sheila.

Steffy said it didn't matter. All that mattered was that Finn was there. She'd dreamed about him appearing from a crowd or returning home from work, but it still didn't feel real. Finn assured her that he was there, and he said she was in his arms again.

Steffy asked if Finn was okay. He said he wasn't one hundred percent, but he was with his wife. Steffy stated that Li had cared for him until Sheila had found him. Finn didn't want to talk about Sheila, who should never have been in their lives. He said Li had saved him.

Steffy realized that was why Li hadn't wanted to discuss a funeral for Finn. Steffy asked why Li had hidden him from his wife. Finn didn't know. He only knew that he was there because Li had refused to give up on him. He was sorry that Li hadn't told Steffy, and he was upset that she'd been struggling and depressed about his supposed death.

Steffy said she hadn't been able to get relief, and she'd never stopped missing him. She said all the darkness had finally lifted from her, and everything she'd prayed for had come true. Finn believed it had been her prayers and her love that had willed him to take another breath and had willed his heart to beat. He stated that Steffy had saved his life; it was all Steffy.

Unable to stop staring at him, Steffy asked if Finn was really there. She admitted she didn't know if she should laugh or cry. Finn said he wanted to hold her and never let her go. She wanted to know what he'd been through, but he said it could wait. He said they needed to just be together.

Taylor and Ridge arrived with the kids. Epic music played as the family reunited.

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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of August 1, 2022 on B&B (11)

by Dan J Kroll

In Monaco, Finn told Steffy that he had been dreaming of the moment he would reunite with his wife and son. Of the reunion, Taylor said her heart was "bursting," and Ridge called it "the best moment ever." Taylor pulled out her phone and snapped some photos before Ridge suggested that they give Finn and Steffy some alone time.

After Steffy put Hayes down for a nap, Finn promised Kelly that he would never leave her again.

In her own room she shared with Ridge at the hotel, a giddy Taylor danced around the room. She became emotional when she looked at the photos she had taken and noticed that Steffy was smiling again. Taylor decided to share the photo to social media.

In Los Angeles, Brooke sat in the executive suite at Forrester Creations and chatted with Katie on the phone about Finn's miraculous return. Brooke promised to fill her sister in on all the details at a later time. Before hanging up, Brooke made sure to let Katie know that "Bill did a good thing."

Hope and Deacon dropped in on an unannounced visit, and Brooke was less than pleased to see Deacon. Hope explained that she had wanted to show her dad the latest Hope for the Future photos but hinted that she wouldn't have done that had she known that Brooke was still at work.

The mood abruptly changed when Brooke saw the photo that Taylor had shared of Steffy, Finn, and the kids. Hope was overjoyed and decided to take a family photo of her own.

Back in Monaco, as the likes poured in, Ridge and Taylor decided to focus on the happiness surrounding Steffy and Finn's improbable reunion and not on the person who had caused Steffy and Finn so much pain. Ridge remarked that he and Taylor had also been forced to endure a lot of pain. "[But] we're always there to hold each other up when things get tough," Taylor replied.

Taylor received an alert that Hope had posted a photo. When she checked out the photo, her expression told Ridge that something wasn't quite right. Ridge asked to see what Taylor was looking at. She reluctantly handed over the phone, and Ridge saw the photo of Hope, Brooke, and Deacon. Ridge was visibly angry that Brooke had broken her word to stay away from Deacon.

Taylor told Ridge that they were going to leave the hotel and get some air. Taylor apologized for showing Ridge the photo, but Ridge countered that he would have seen the photo eventually. Ridge praised Taylor's strength through everything and told her that he had "never been so proud to have had kids" with her. Taylor shared that seeing Steffy and Finn together again made her feel like anything was possible. Ridge pulled Taylor into an embrace before the two shared a passionate kiss.

Finn and Steffy headed out to explore Monaco together. "This doesn't seem real," Steffy said as she gently stroked Finn's cheek. He assured her several times that she wasn't dreaming, and he was very real. Steffy showed Finn that she had been carrying Finn's wedding band with her because it made her feel close to him. "I never thought I'd be putting this on your finger again," she said softly. "I didn't really believe in miracles until today," she added. They both declared their love for one another and kissed.

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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of August 1, 2022 on B&B (12)

by Chanel S. Garner

In Monaco, Finn and Steffy arrived at the hotel. She was still anxious to know what Li had done to save Finn. Finn offered to fill Steffy in, but at that moment, he just wanted to hold her.

Steffy said it didn't seem real to her, and she was sure she'd wake up and discover that Finn was still gone. He promised that it was real, and he was there. Steffy was full of questions. He claimed he'd answer them all. He thought it was romantic that not even death could keep him from her.

Finn and Steffy kissed. Her phone rang with a call from Li. Li said she had gotten a photo from Taylor, and Li was overjoyed to see Finn with his family. She'd hoped that day would arrive. Finn replied that it had because of Li, who'd never given up on him. Steffy thanked Li for not giving up and for bringing Finn back to them. Steffy touched Finn, gazing emotionally at him.

Later, Amelia had dropped off Kelly but took Hayes for another stroll around the block. Kelly was happy that she and her brother had had ice cream. Kelly wanted to get some at the place near their house. She wished they could go home. Smiling, Finn said home and seeing his family had been what had kept him going. It had helped him get strong enough to return to them.

Later, Finn had put the kids down for naps. Steffy said she hadn't seen the kids happy in a while. Finn didn't think they could truly explain to the kids what had happened for at least another 15 years. He recalled that when he'd first awakened, he hadn't been able to talk, but he'd been screaming for her. He said he'd wanted his wife and his children. Through his pain, he'd known he had to keep fighting to get back to them.

Crying, Steffy said Finn had saved her life. He'd taken a bullet for her. "Of course, I did," he replied. Steffy revealed that part of her had died in the alley. She'd tried to be strong for the kids, but she'd been barely holding on. She said Finn had always been on her mind and in her heart, and that had been why she'd left the city. Finn replied that it was over, and that night in the alley wasn't the end of their story. He declared that they had the rest of their lives together.

Finn stated that he loved Steffy, and she said she loved him, too. "Let's go home," he said. She nodded, kissed him, and repeated the phrase.

At an overlook in Monaco, Ridge kissed Taylor. He stated that the kiss had been unexpected. "Was it?" Taylor wondered.

Later, Ridge and Taylor returned to a hotel room, and Ridge joked that it was rude of Steffy not to have time for them after they'd traveled all that way. Taylor stated that Sheila had failed without any idea of what she'd been up against. Taylor was convinced that true love conquered all. Ridge guessed Taylor was right, and Sheila hadn't destroyed what had been meant to be.

Ridge liked the "mama bear" thing Taylor had going on, and he stated that it had been one of the most amazing days of his life. Taylor said it was the same for her. Each had thought they'd be there to help Steffy mourn, but they'd instead witnessed a miracle.

Later, Taylor received a text message from Steffy. Ridge and Taylor couldn't imagine how Finn and Steffy were feeling. Taylor asked what Ridge was feeling. Ridge asked if she was trying to "shrink me right now." He said he was processing the whirlwind.

Taylor said they'd gotten caught up in the moment earlier. She stated that they'd been overjoyed for their daughter, but they might have gotten too close for two old friends. Ridge responded that she was putting him on the spot. He stammered, and she asked why he'd kissed her.

At Brooke's house, Brooke iced her foot, and Hope was still astonished about Finn and Steffy's reunion. Brooke was happy for the couple and for Ridge, too, who could finally have some well-deserved peace. Hope recalled that all her pain had gone away when Beth had been put into her arms. Hope hoped it would be the same way for Steffy with Finn.

Brooke hoped it would be that way for Ridge and Taylor, too. As a parent, Brooke could imagine the euphoria they felt at that moment. As Brooke checked her "in box" on her phone, Hope thought of how happy Kelly would be to see Finn. Brooke said Hayes would be, too. Hope thought everything was back on track for them.

Brooke scowled, and Hope asked what it was. "What did you do? What were you thinking?" Brooke asked, showing Hope the picture Hope had posted on social media. Hope shrugged, but Brooke said Hope knew how Ridge felt about Deacon. It had taken a long time for Brooke and Ridge to get to where they were. Brooke said she didn't want to do anything to make him distrust her.

Genuinely not getting what the problem was, Hope asked if she wasn't allowed to take pictures with her parents. Brooke exclaimed Hope's name, but Hope said Brooke hadn't done anything wrong. Hope stated that Deacon hadn't been in the house, nor had Brooke been alone with him.

Brooke replied that it wasn't that simple. Hope scoffed, saying that Deacon had been everything he'd said he'd be. He'd stepped up and been there for Hope. Hope got that they had to make concessions for Ridge, but Hope would like, every now and then, to feel a little normal. She said that taking a picture with her parents was normal.

Brooke understood Hope's view but said that Brooke and Ridge were still in a delicate place. Brooke insisted she wanted to make sure Ridge could trust her. Hope replied that she wasn't looking to cause problems -- it was just that they were having a family moment, being happy for Finn and Steffy, and Hope had wanted to capture and share the moment. Brooke scoffed hopelessly.

Hope asked if Brooke really thought Ridge would be upset. "Let's see. He hates Deacon, and he hates it when I'm around him," Brooke replied. She said she couldn't lose what little faith Ridge had in her. Hope, who had no desire to undermine Brooke's marriage, had just been happy to be together as a family. Brooke said she knew and that she'd appreciate Hope removing the post.

Hope grabbed her phone and complied. Brooke picked up her phone to call Ridge, but Ridge, who at that very moment was busy asking Taylor how he could "not" kiss her, didn't pick up the phone. Hope assumed Ridge was with Steffy and her family, but Brooke suspected that he was upset after seeing the photo. Hope doubted Brooke had anything to worry about. Hope said he'd moved back in, and nothing would get between Brooke and Ridge.

Back at the hotel, Ridge told Taylor that they'd been through difficult times together. They'd just shared in their daughter and son-in-law's reunion, and it had just felt -- "Okay," Taylor replied. Ridge questioningly repeated her, and she reaffirmed, saying, "Okay."

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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of August 1, 2022 on B&B (13)

by Chanel S. Garner

At Carter's loft, Quinn and Carter lingered in bed. She decided that they should make a pact. Without even hearing what the pact would be, Carter declared that Quinn could have whatever she wanted.

Quinn proposed that they "play hooky" in bed once a month. He replied that she drove a hard bargain, but he'd do it. Carter remarked that they'd taken that day off to celebrate Finn and Steffy, but Carter wondered what they'd celebrate the next time. "Us," Quinn responded.

Carter said he'd almost given up on them. Quinn said she was proud to be with Carter and excited to love him out loud. He replied that he hadn't wanted anyone the way he'd wanted her. Quinn took umbrage with Carter's use of the past tense. "That's past tense! Why am I all of a sudden past tense," she joked. Carter explained that he'd tried to wish her well with Eric because he had thought a future with Quinn would never be.

Carter didn't know who was happier -- him or Ridge. Quinn wondered how Ridge had gotten in bed with them. Carter explained that he had spoken to Ridge the previous night, and he believed that his best friend was over the moon about Steffy and Finn. Quinn quipped that Ridge was a "buzzkill" for her. Kissing Carter, she said she had a better way to pass the time.

Later, Quinn curled up against Carter, happy that she could kiss and touch him whenever she wanted. They discussed how they'd had to hide their feelings from everyone, including each other. She was glad she'd gotten to "that crazy wedding" in time to save Carter from himself. He thanked her for saving him, and they kissed.

On the Forrester jet, Steffy, Finn, Taylor, and Ridge flew back from Monaco with the children. Ridge was asleep with the kids, and Taylor cooed about how cute that was. Taylor shared that she would have fallen asleep, too, if her mind hadn't been racing. Taylor expressed her surprise that that Finn seemed to be holding up surprisingly well. Finn explained that he'd get checked out when they got back home.

As the flight continued, Taylor thought of the kiss with Ridge. She smiled, touching her lips. Steffy asked what was on Taylor's mind. Taylor did not respond.

Later, Taylor entered the cabin from the co*ckpit and announced that they'd be landing soon. Steffy told Finn to get ready to be spoiled every day. Finn went to wake up the kids and Ridge. Steffy noted that Taylor hadn't answered her earlier question about what was on Taylor's mind. Taylor replied that she was thinking about the most important thing, which was Steffy's family being whole again. It was "the best feeling in the world," according to Taylor. Steffy and Taylor hugged.

At Brooke's house, Brooke asked Hope what time it was, and Hope said it was ten minutes later than the last time Brooke had asked. Although Brooke was still creeped out about Sheila being on the loose, Brooke said she was choosing to focus on the homecoming of Finn, Steffy, and Ridge.

Hope asked if Ridge had mentioned the selfie Hope had posted. Hope still believed it shouldn't be a big deal, but Brooke frowned. Hope asked if her mother had talked to Ridge. Brooke said she'd only spoken to him briefly. She claimed he'd been understandably rushed because he'd been trying to catch a plane -- or at least she hoped that was the reason.

Hope said she was sorry. Entering the house unannounced, Deacon asked why Hope was sorry. "Seriously?" Brooke asked, irate that he'd just walked into her and Ridge's home after being told that he wasn't allowed there. Deacon, who'd heard that Ridge was on a plane, had taken a chance, so he could see his "two favorite ladies." Scoffing, Brooke glared at Deacon.

Deacon explained that he felt "grounded in something really good" when he was with Brooke and Hope. Deacon said he was attracted to that feeling, and swore he'd never come around if he knew Ridge was there. Brooke asked if she was being paranoid for feeling as if she were sneaking around and doing something behind Ridge's back. Hope guessed Brooke's angst has been precipitated by the family photo Hope had posted without Brooke's knowledge.

Deacon stated that he'd seen the photo, but then it had disappeared. He guessed that Brooke had been afraid of hurting "his royal Ridgeness'" tender sensibilities and had asked Hope to take it down. Brooke explained that she was certainly worried about Ridge's feelings. She desired to show Ridge that she was dedicated to him, and she said she wasn't trying to be insensitive to Deacon; however, he couldn't be there when Ridge arrived home.

Later, Brooke was alone when Ridge arrived. Brooke ecstatically greeted him but frowned a little to see Taylor enter behind him. Taylor apologized and said "we" should have texted first. Ridge said "we" had wanted Steffy and Finn to have a private homecoming.

Brooke claimed to understand. She asked how Monaco had been. Ridge said it had been incredible. He kissed Brooke, and Taylor looked away. Brooke thought it was wonderful that Steffy was back with her family, and Brooke said she could only imagine how "you two" were feeling at that moment. Taylor replied that it had been incredibly romantic.

Ridge gave Taylor a weird look. He told Brooke that he and Taylor hadn't known what they'd find in Monaco. Taylor added that Finn had amazingly shown up. Brooke asked how Finn was and bet he was thrilled to be with his family. Ridge and Taylor said that Finn was getting there physically. Ridge stated that it had been great to see Steffy smile again.

Brooke was glad that everyone was home, especially Ridge. She said she'd missed him. "Did you?" he replied, and she hugged and kissed him as Taylor looked on.

In the CEO's office at Forrester, Hope and Deacon arrived. Hope thought Deacon seemed sad, and she understood that he felt rejected by her mom. He replied that, at the end of the day, he just wanted Brooke to be happy. He cared about Brooke, but he said that if he was being honest, he didn't know if Brooke would find true happiness with Ridge.

Hope said she didn't think Ridge would ever be good enough for Brooke in Deacon's eyes. Deacon couldn't find fault in that statement and said it was because he was right. Deacon asked why Ridge, unless he had feelings for Taylor, hadn't fully recommitted to Brooke.

At the cliff house, Kelly cheered about being home. Finn and Steffy walked in with Hayes, and Steffy asked if Finn was okay. Finn admitted that it was a little overwhelming. He said he'd imagined being home, but it had seemed like a faraway place. Steffy assured him that he was home where he belonged.

Finn saw a family drawing on the table and said it was new. Kelly replied that she'd drawn it to get him to return home. He said she was manifesting already. "Mana-wha?" Kelly replied. Finn picked Kelly up and hugged her. He said it felt good. The family huddled together, and Steffy welcomed Finn home.

Later, Finn declared that he loved the sound of Kelly laughing in the other room. Steffy said she hadn't really heard that sound for a long time. She said the house had been sad, and even though she'd tried to make it normal for the kids, Kelly had continued to ask where Finn had been. Steffy hadn't known how to explain it, and she was grateful that, in the end, she hadn't had to. Steffy said their miracle was there.

Finn confessed that Steffy and the kids had been all he'd thought about. He asked if Steffy knew how much he loved her. She replied that she loved him, too. They kissed, but Kelly interrupted, calling for her mother. "Let me," Finn said. He went to the other room and brought the kids back into the living room with him. Finn horsed around with the kids and shared a special smile with Steffy.

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