Liam’s Decision Leaves Hope Fighting Tears on Her Big Night (2024)

As the Hope For the Future fashion preview rolls out on the catwalk with the models parading up and down, Brooke, Steffy, Katie and Carter marvel, “Wow.” Brooke can’t wait until the buyers see the showstopper — they’re going to go crazy. Talk turns to Douglas being excited to see his mother on stage. Steffy mentions his father and adds, “Hope wouldn’t have a line if not for the lead designer.” Brooke grits her teeth.

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On the runway, the designs dazzles the buyers and fashion reporters sitting on either side. Backstage, Thomas and Hope think the applause is a good sign. Thomas asks, “Is Liam really not here?” He assures Hope, who grimaces, that he’s probably just getting a drink or something.
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As Bill and Wyatt discuss a business meeting at Il Giardino, Liam sidles up and joins them. Bill chides him for missing the meeting earlier and Wyatt notes he had Hope’s fashion preview. He asks his brother, “Wait, why aren’t you there right now?”

As a red gown and a dazzling gold number debut on the runway, the audience applauds and Katie, Brooke, Carter and Steffy beam. Steffy suddenly looks around and wonders, “Where’s Liam?” Brooke looks concerned.
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At Il Giardino, Liam explains that he isn’t at the fashion show to cheer Hope on because of who he’d have to cheer on right along with her. He can’t do this anymore — see Thomas with his wife.

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Backstage at the show, Thomas knows Hope’s disappointed that Liam’s not there, but reminds her it’s him that he hates. They decide to peek through the curtains and see how the models are doing. Hope looks forlorn as she searches the crowd for her husband.
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At Il Giardino, Liam complains to Bill and Wyatt about Hope and Thomas behind the scenes of the fashion show and Thomas saying, “It’s not me, Hope, it’s us. There’s nothing we can’t do together.” Wyatt rants, “Oh my God! And Hope doesn’t see what he’s doing?” Bill’s irked to hear that Thomas was holding her. Liam declares that it was either punch him in the face or walk away. Wyatt and Bill both think he should have punched Thomas in the face.
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Behind the scenes of the fashion show, Ridge and Eric urge people to keep up the good work as the models continue their rotation. Thomas tells Hope she was right about the dress judging by the audience’s reaction. He says she’s also right about Liam. She should be celebrating herself not some guy who can’t be okay with one of her co-workers. Ridge calls Thomas away and Hope fights tears.

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In the audience, Brooke and Katie smile as Carter says, “Not a dud in sight.” Steffy declares that Hope still has to sell the showstopper or the whole show may be a bust. “You know I’m right. The whole thing rests on Hope.”
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Backstage, Hope watches the models through the curtain.

At Il Giardino, Bill wonders if Hope has selective memory or something — does she not remember the things Thomas did? Liam runs down some of them and Bill and Wyatt assure him he’s not crazy; his wife shouldn’t be anywhere near Thomas. Wyatt feels Hope needs Liam more than ever right now.
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At the show, the buyers respond favorably as the edgy styles keep coming. The models pose at the end of the runway to enthusiastic applause as it concludes. Steffy hopes Hope can keep the momentum going — her brother worked really hard on this and it’s all resting on her now.

Backstage, Ridge tells Hope it’s time to get ready. Thomas reminds her that everything they’ve done comes down to this. She jokes, “No pressure,” and heads off to change. Thomas stops her. He knows Liam not showing up could throw a person, but it’s not going to throw her off. Why? Because he made that dress for her; it embodies everything he sees in her. When she hits the runway every reporter and every person in the room will see what he sees in her. “A woman that commands the stage, a woman that owns the room.” They’ll all see why he’s a one-woman man. “That woman is you, Hope.” Hope tells him that’s very sweet. He’s trying to inspire her. “I can’t wait to see you shine.”

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Later, Thomas tells Ridge, Eric, and Zende that Hope is ready and looks flawless. Eric slaps his grandson on the back.

At the restaurant, Bill tells Wyatt that Liam shouldn’t have to go watch Hope and Thomas on the runway promoting sustainable fabric or whatever the hell it is Hope For the Future is about. Liam thinks his dad is right. This is about his state of mind. He can’t watch her with Thomas.

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At the show, Ridge takes the stage to rave about the collection. They’re known for haute couture but every now and then they branch out. They did it before with (his voice catches) Brooke’s Bedroom… and now they’re doing it with Hope For the Future. He announces the showstopper designed by his son Thomas and modeled by the one and only Hope Spencer.
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Behind the scenes, Thomas reminds Hope that together they can do anything as she steps out onto the runway. Everyone claps and exclaims at the sight of the blonde in the silver floor-length showstopper. Hope gestures to Douglas and to Brooke, who beam at her. Backstage, Thomas marvels at Hope owning the runway. “Every last clap and cheer is for her,” he tells his grandfather. On the runway, the other models join Hope as she takes the mic and talks about the hard work that went into the presentation today. She begins her thanks, which includes Liam, even though he isn’t there. Hope quickly moves on to Zende and then their lead designer, her partner in crime, Thomas Forrester. Thomas joins her at the end of the runway as Brooke and Katie exchange a look. Backstage, Ridge, Eric and Zende grin. On the runway, Thomas and Hope holds hands and he marvels, “Beautiful.” Hope gives him a radiant smile.
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Next on The Bold and the Beautiful: Hope, Thomas, and Douglas share a special moment as the Hope For the Future fashion show wraps up.

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Liam’s Decision Leaves Hope Fighting Tears on Her Big Night (2024)
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