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What Is the Best Day to Release Your Music?

Does releasing music on Friday helps? Why do artists choose to release their new singles and albums on Friday? There might be more questions about the best day to release music popping in your brain. Well, you’re in the right place, as we’ll answer everything you want to know about dropping your music.

Friday is like a holy day in the music industry as fans are met with a flood of new music. It’s the day when streaming services refresh their catalogs by offering their audience new singles.

But why does this happen on Friday? Is there any other day that is suitable to release music?

Well, Friday wasn’t always the day to release music. Initially, it was Tuesday for releasing music in the industry. But this tradition changed back in 2015, decided collectively by the music industry.

In this article, you’ll learn all about which day is best for you to release your musical work.

The Backstory of the Music Release Day

In the United States, Tuesday was the official day for releasing music, and it was happening for decades. But it isn’t the case with every country as some countries release music on Friday and some on Monday.

This process was not best as people from other countries where the music is released on Monday may purchase and upload the music on a piracy site. It helped fans from different countries to pirate the uploaded song for free while it hasn’t been released in their own country yet. This way fans no longer feel the need to buy the music on the official release.

These days piracy concerns are no longer vital, but why do people still release music on the same day. Artists can get away from all the competition they face by releasing the music on Friday if they choose another day of the week.

But why they don’t do that?

The simple answer to it is the three key reasons. The tradition, streaming service placements, and chart calculations.

Let’s look at how these key reasons affect the day to release your music:

The Streaming Service Placements

Streaming services like Spotify are the door to open for every music lover who wants to explore new music of their favorite artists. Although people buy physical copies of albums, things are changing towards online consumption of music.

Streaming services choose Friday as the day for updating their new music playlists. It’s one of the critical reasons artists select this day to release their albums and songs.

Music platforms like Spotify have music playlists in which they feature new songs every week. If artists choose another day to release their music on the platform, they might miss a chance to get featured in the Spotify playlists.

There are playlists like new music Friday, and it’s crucial for artists as the playlist has a large following of listeners. Music lovers turn to these playlists in search of new music. When you release your music on Friday, it increases your chances of having new potential fans.

Streaming platforms like Apple update their playlists on Friday is because artists release their music on this day. It works from both directions as a chicken-or-the-egg cycle.

The Importance of Chart Calculations

Every artist would want to top on the Billboard charts, and to release music on Friday can benefit you. Artists use the chances to maximize their chart potential by releasing their music on Friday. That’s because each week, billboard tracks sales from Friday to Thursday.

If you release your song or album on Friday, it has the benefit of being tracked all seven days of the week. If you choose another day to release your music, your first week will start from that day onwards. But if you go on Friday, your performance will be calculated as soon as the tracking begins.

It will help to maximize your chart position by releasing your music as every artist does. If you get no one on the chart, it will bring a lot of attention to your music and help you succeed.

How does the Tradition Work?

The music industry structure has changed a lot over the past years, and it’ll change more in the future. In the future, the music releasing day may change, or maybe every artist chooses the day they like.

There are significant changes that artists experiment with new release strategies for their music in the future. As Friday is an industry standard to release music, it doesn’t mean artists can experiment.

It’s every artist’s right to take ownership of their career and explore different strategies. We can expect to see other release days from artists as more artists are going independently in their careers.

Other Important Things

There are tons of other factors that help your music to be successful. Work on making quality music, refining it, and promoting until it’s released. However, you can’t just pick any day as a release day, but don’t overthink too much.

One month is enough time to create a buzz for your music, and you can continue to promote it even after the release. You may not generate a lot of hype among the audience leading up to your music release. But never think that you can’t promote your song after dropping it out on the platforms.

A vital thing that new artists should focus on is releasing their music when they are completely ready. Artists often can’t map out their release schedule because they forget other things like promotion, album artwork, and more.

It’s always fruitful to follow a plan and stick to it, so you don’t waste any time or money. When you leave everything to the end, it gets all messed up, and you can’t find any way around.

The Bottom Line!

Making it in the music industry requires effort, innovative work, and attention to every tactic. When you appropriately use the strategies, you’ll soon be able to witness success.

If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to contact us.


What Is the Best Day to Release Music? - The Ghost Production (2024)
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