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Fostering a student’s desire and ability to take personal ownership of their learning inside and outside of the classroom equips students for independent lifelong learning.

At the Lipscomb Academy Lower School, our faculty and staff are skilled at facilitating the learning process for our students by igniting personal curiosity, wonder, and inquiry as an integral part of learning. Intentional focus is placed on facilitating the learning process for students, recognizing effort not final grades, mastering standards, and learning from mistakes. Through effort, challenge, and perseverance, students learn to take personal responsibility for and pride in their learning outcomes.

Lipscomb Academy realizes that not all students learn at the same pace or in the same way. Differentiation begins in the classroom. Our teachers are intently focused on small-group, student-led groups, one-on-one, and independent learning rather than whole-group. This allows all students to learn at a more individualized pace. When necessary for success, additional support is offered through our Academic Learning Services program to provide reading, writing, and math intervention as well as enrichment. Our Equip program is also available when children need tutoring services after school.

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I count it a tremendous blessing to know my students & be a part of their lives well beyond when they leave my class. Thank you Lipscomb Academy families for placing your trust and confidence in me as an educator and friend to your child along their lifelong walk.
Lower School Faculty Member

Letter from Head of LowerSchool

I am honored and excited to serve as the associate head of the lower school. I am so grateful to be able to join the Lipscomb family where I can share both my love of educating children in academics and my faith. I taught for five years in both first grade and kindergarten, in addition to serving in administration for the last eight years. I literally grew up in a school as I watched my mother teach and later lead schools and school districts.

‘Teamwork makes the dream work!’ has always been my philosophy. I have had the privilege of collaborating with incredible professionals and families where together we achieved success. I believe all children should love to come to school, and when a child's school becomes his or her ‘happy place’, great things will come. I am a reflective educator seeking to serve. I want to inspire today's students and educators to change the world through the gifts that God has given them. As both a mother and a principal, it is very important to me that all students at Lipscomb Academy feel ‘at home’ and loved when they are at school.

This is our ‘moment’ at Lipscomb Lower Academy! I look forward to getting to know each and every student, family, faculty, and staff member of this great Lipscomb family. I know together we will provide the best school year yet and can hardly wait to get to know you.

Jill HuntHead of LowerSchool

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Lower School Resources

  • Spiritual Life
  • Technology
  • Lower School Extended Day
  • Health Forms
  • Summer Calendars

Spiritual Life

Life at Lipscomb Academy is a daily, personal process of growing more aware of God’s presence and becoming more like Christ, through the Spirit. Members of the Lipscomb community strive to live in the right relationship with God, ourselves and others, in every dimension of life.

Spiritual Life is woven into everything we do, including academics. Science experiments become an opportunity to recognize the power and activity of God on earth. Historical events become a chance to discuss relevant issues and topics in society today. Journaling on literature becomes your child’s doorway to see how their life is a part of God’s bigger story. Faith is integrated into Lipscomb’s curriculum through foundational standards that start with the spiritual formation of our faculty and staff so that they can guide students in how to engage the world with a kingdom vision, how to encounter God’s presence, and how to see all people as created in God’s image.

Lower School SESL (Social-Emotional-Spiritual Learning)

Morning Meeting sets the tone for joyful and respectful learning and creates community within the classroom where students discover the nature of God, how they fit within his story, and live in relationship with others.Social-Emotional-Spiritual learning also includes our Heart & Mind programming, chapel, and daily morning meetings in each classroom, every day.


Our technology program requires students to have their own personal learning tool while at Lipscomb Academy. All 5th-grade students will receive a school-issued Chrome Book for use during the academic year.

FAmily portal loginSchoologY LoginIpad/MacBook PurchasingAcademy technology for students and parents

Lower School Extended Day

The Lower School Extended Day Program is designed to provide after-school care for working parents and for those who may need occasional care. Extended Day is available Monday through Friday from 2:30 to 5:30 for Pre-K through 4th grade. We offer flexible payment arrangements, including daily fees and monthly contract.

The program offers a wide variety of academic and fun-filled activities, such as arts and crafts, games, homework assistance/ study hall, outdoor activities, movies, and special events. A daily snack is provided only for children in Pre-K through Pre-First. All other students are encouraged to bring a healthy snack.

The extended day program is not available when the school is officially closed, (e.g. holidays, teacher in-service, and inclement weather).

For more information about the program, you may contact Cynthia Harvey at 615-966-6313or Cynthia.harvey@lipscomb.edu.

Health Form

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Health Forms

Download or fill outthe health forms needed for your students.

Lower School Student health Information

Summer Calendars

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Lower School Summer Calendars

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Lower School - Lipscomb Academy (2024)
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