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The Gas Vitality LNG Bunker Vessel Completes her 100th LNG Bunker Operation in Marseille, Southern France

The Gas Vitality Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) bunker vessel celebrated the onset of the New Year by successfully conducting her 100th bunkering operation. Simultaneous operations…

V.Group partners with Aither to provide carbon trading solutions for shipowners

V.Group (V.), the ship management and marine services company, and Aither, which provides carbon trading solutions for shipowners and other industries, are pleased to announce…

V. Selects ABSG Consulting to Deliver Major Safety Initiative Across Onshore and Sea Operations

New Safety Assessment Program to Further Improve Safety Management System Processes and Procedures V.has selected ABSG Consulting Inc. (ABS Consulting), a leading global risk management…

Belships and V. announce strategic partnership

Belships ASA and V.Group are pleased to announce a strategic partnership related to Belships’ fleet and ship management business. Summary: Belships Management (Singapore), a technical…

In April, V. sponsored the International Chemical & Product Tanker Conference (ICPTC) in London, one of the maritime industry’s leading conferences focusing specifically on chemical…

Moody’s upgrades V.Group’s ratings

Ratings agency Moody’s Investors Service (Moody’s) has this week upgraded V.Group’s rating to B3 from Caa1, with stable outlook. Moody’s references V.Group’s strengthened liquidity and…

The new V.

We have launched V. – our new brand, which brings our businesses together under a distinctive and instantly recognisable identity. This re-brand is a natural…

ShipMoney and V.Group form strategic partnership to digitalise crew and corporate payments

ShipMoney has announced a new long-term strategic partnership with V.Group to digitalise its seafarers’ payroll system, ensuring a more secure and efficient way to pay…

V.Ships Leisure to provide services to carbon-neutral fuel powered superyacht

Monaco Yacht Show 2022 – Global leader in ship management, V.Ships Leisure has announced that they have partnered with Ocean Residences Development for the forthcoming…

World Maritime Day Looks to New Technologies for Environmental Sustainability

As we mark this year’s World Maritime Day on 29 September we take the opportunity to reflect on V.Group’s work in using technology in environmental…

New Non Executive Director – Jabine Van Der Meijs

V.Group has appointed Jabine van der Meijs to its board as non-executive director. Her appointment will take effect from 1 September 2022. Van der Meijs…

V.Group opens second SeaTec office in China

SeaTec, the technical services division of global ship management company V.Group, has opened a second office in China. Located in Nantong, the office will further…

V.Group welcomes three new LNG Dual Fuel VLCC vessels

V.Group will be providing full technical management of the three LNG dual-fuel new build vessels that are currently under construction in Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine…

V.Group’s Stephen Macfarlane Participates in Global Maritime Club Summit at Posidonia

Posidonia, Greece’s leading international shipping exhibition took place earlier this month, and V.Group took centre stage with other industry experts to talk about the key…

V.Group returns to Posidonia 2022 after four years away

After a 4-year break, last week’s Posidonia 2022 event in Athens saw our industry reconnecting in person again in a way that has been sorely…

V.Ships France welcomes the oldest vessel under French Flag

It has been a busy time for V.Ships France, taking over the management of 4 new buildings fitted with the latest technology, electronic engines dual…

V.Group attends CMA Shipping 2022

In March, V.Group participated at CMA Shipping 2022, one of the maritime industry’s flagship events. Held in Stamford, Connecticut, USA, the conference brings together many…

Opportunities for Ukrainian Seafarers

At V.Group, we have vacancies for Ukrainian seafarers currently outside of Ukraine. Contact the team for more information: Merchant fleet: +380 (98) 758 69 69…

Westgarth takes over as President of UK Chamber of Shipping

Maritime industry veteran Graham Westgarth has become the new President of the UK Chamber of Shipping, taking over from John Denholm CBE. A distinguished career…



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Latest News & Press Releases | V.Group (2024)
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