How to put music on Spotify with or without distributors (2024)

The approach for promoting an artist’s work should include music sales and broadcasts, especially for independent musicians. It is essential for this reason to make it simple to upload songs to music streaming or sale platforms. A musician definitely wants their new album to be accessible to fans on the day they have set aside for the release of their new album. Today, we’ll examine how long it takes to upload songs to Spotify and whether doing so is feasible without the aid of distribution agencies.

What you need to know about music distributors

Musicians need to be aware that the majority of music publication is done through a middleman, a so-called music distributor. Now, such a service appears to be one whose workers upload artists’ songs to websites that sell tracks and music streaming services. Of course, a musician may submit their own recordings directly to some websites, but the majority of them do not let this. This is valid for websites that value independent performers, such as Bandcamp. Despite the fact that the website hosts accounts for several well-known producers and performers.

By the way, a substantial percentage of artists who perform as DJs don’t always have their own music, and for a number of reasons, they didn’t originally start working with a producer. But, if a DJ wants to grow their fan base and status in the music industry, they should consider writing and recording their own music. The artist should use a service that enables them to buy tracks from ghost producers if they need to save time and money. As a consequence, a DJ may obtain the commercial rights to an already-made music for a fair price, buy the tune, and distribute it through a distributor. So don’t waste your time, go to our music catalog and buy modern and high-quality ghost production tracks and upgrade your status to a full-fledged artist.

So, distribution on significant and well-liked platforms is only possible through distribution services, which means that an artist must sign up with one of these services, pay for their services, and keep working while the management of the service submit their tunes to music platforms.

By the way, if an artist collaborates with record labels, distributor communication is handled directly by the record label, so the artist doesn’t even have to become involved.

Publishing music on Spotify with distributors

You must register on the website of one of the publishing providers in order to begin the process of publishing your release. There are paid and free services, however it is preferable to utilize a premium service if you want the best support and outcomes that are guaranteed. Please make sure you have all the relevant documentation, including images, artwork, and a release description, as well as all the rights to the music you’re about to give. Start adding songs to the service after paying for it. To prevent misunderstandings, make sure to read the terms of service and the information about the service.

When you have submitted all the necessary content to the service, distribution managers will take over administration of the process. They’ll begin distributing your songs to various music stores (their list is often available on the service website). Keep in mind that you need a Spotify account and to confirm your artist status. This is necessary in order for others to hear your music and for it to be shown on the site.

Take the verification procedure seriously while creating your profile and submitting for verification because the outcome relies on whether you are approved or not. Make sure you have the strongest online presence, press coverage, and other characteristics of an artist since sometimes artists are rejected.

How long does it take the distributor to upload my music to Spotify?

Although there are numerous variables involved, you may still anticipate the general period. First off, a distributor will need to spend several hours to several days reviewing the materials you submitted and getting them ready for publishing if you publish a release on Spotify through them. On the website for the service, there is further information about the terms. Of course, everything relies on the service and the volume of artists it works with.

The moment the distribution service manager submits your release to Spotify for evaluation, the process of verifying whether the music and all other given materials are compliant with the platform’s standards begins. Moreover, they ensure that the song’s copyright is verified. They might all take a few days to a few weeks to complete. After all requirements are met and each process is concluded, the artist’s song will be added to the platform’s collection.

Publishing music on Spotify without distributors

For musicians to upload music directly through their own accounts on the website, the platform started a beta test in 2018. A select group of people, including certain label officials and individual artists, were given access to this test. The platform’s administrators stated on their blog in 2019 that they had no intentions to integrate this functionality when the experiment was finished. They continued by saying that they believe the best strategy is for music distributors to publish songs in their portfolio.

So far and in the foreseeable future, the situation is unaltered, and the only way to access the music collection is through distribution services. They are also free, as we already indicated, so if you have a tight budget or none at all, you may test out free services to learn how the publishing process functions and maybe even see some results. perhaps even good ones. Keep in mind that everything is based on the caliber of your music and how much your fans enjoy it. To gain results, you need work hard and be as productive as you can to advertise your music while spending the least amount of money feasible.

On the other hand, a yearly subscription doesn’t cost that much, and the advantages are considerably bigger. Thus, we advise utilizing a premium service. You have a higher chance of achieving success in this manner. And keep in mind that you must continue to develop, search for fresh inspiration, and follow trends if you want to succeed in the music business.

How to put music on Spotify with or without distributors (2024)
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