Does Dollar General Sell Spray Paint and Supplies? (2024)

Does Dollar General Sell Spray Paint and Supplies? (1)

Dollar General is an ever-expanding retail giant, with 18,000+ stores widespread around the U.S. and its headquarters located in Goodlettsville, Tennessee.

From pantry staples to toiletries and health products to their own awe-inspiring labels like Clover Valley, Good & Smart DG Home, and Bobbie Brooks—Dollar General offers everything you could want at unbeatable prices – primarily within rural and smaller communities.

There are some paints and paint supplies available at a nearby Dollar General store, but if you’re specifically looking to buy spray paint online through their eCommerce website – unfortunately, that isn’t an option. To purchase spray paint, your best bet is to visit your local Dollar General store instead.

What's Covered in the Article:

Brands of Spray Paint Available at Dollar General

If you’re looking for a variety of spray paint, Dollar General isn’t your best option. Their stores only stock Miracal Brand in 8oz cans – no other brands such as Krylon or Rustoleum. To use these paints, it’s best to shop elsewhere, like Walmart, and get what you need there instead.

Dollar General’s Miracal Brand spray paints are not the dream choice but still work for all your painting projects because they come with a long-lasting finish. Plus, their application is seamless and effortless to clean up after.

The Benefits

What sets them aside from most other paint brands is that these products boast 100% safe components (with negligible VOCs), so you can have peace of mind knowing that there won’t be any health risks associated with using them.

With a range of colors like red, green, brown, and even silver and gold available in glossy, premium, or metallic finishes – these paints are the perfect choice for all your smaller projects. Whether you’re painting picture frames or wood pallet signs, vases, or other household items – Dollar General’s spray paints have got you covered.

The Prices

At Dollar General, you can find spray paint enamels for as low as two dollars per can. If you’re keen on purchasing Miracal premium or metallic paint, though, be prepared to open your wallet a bit wider – these paints range from three to six bucks depending on the hue and where you shop them from. But if it’s bulk that interests you, then buying multiple cans could save some of your hard-earned cash.

Where to Purchase?

To purchase Dollar General’s aerosol spray paints, head to the store’s main location, where these products are typically found on a few shelves. If you can’t spot them or need help finding them, just approach an employee at the store. They will be happy to assist in your search for what you’re looking for.

Also, from cleaning sponges to painter’s tapes, WD-40 lubricants to rubber sealant coatings – they can provide whatever your project needs for household items.

Restrictions for Purchasing Spray Paint at Dollar General

Do you know that some states and cities have laws prohibiting the purchase of spray paint by Juveniles or anyone under 18 years of age?

This is because graffiti sprayed on public or private property without the owner’s permission is considered vandalism. And if you’re discovered doing it, the police department might issue a hefty fine or even jail you if you’re caught.

To respect and follow these rules, Dollar General allows their spray paints to be bought only by adults. When buying aerosol spray paint cans at stores, you might be asked to show a valid photo I.D. (such as your driving license) to prove your age. This means if you don’t have one with you or if you’re under 18, you won’t be able to purchase spray paints from Dollar General.

The only thing you can do is to make sure to bring along your parent or guardian with you if you want to buy spray paints here as a minor. But you are required to only use the spray paints purchased from Dollar General for your projects or property – do not try to use them on public properties.

The Bottom Line

Dollar General stores sell Miracal brand spray paints in a variety of colors. You can find both metallic and non-metallic paints here on their shelves when you visit them.

But to remind you again – Dollar General only sells their spray paints in-store and not online. So, do not bother looking for them on their eCommerce website. You can, however, buy other paint supplies online.

Also, some states or cities might have their own rules and regulations about the sale of spray paints. So, it would be best to check your local laws first before heading over to their store or buying them online.

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Does Dollar General Sell Spray Paint and Supplies? (6)

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Does Dollar General Sell Spray Paint and Supplies? (2024)
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