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Where can we eat in Amsterdam? The one question we’ve been asked over and over. Searching for a restaurant in Amsterdam can be a fun but also a heavy task. With so many great restaurants to choose from, we understand it’s difficult to make a choice. Our list of Amsterdam’s 14 best restaurants is carefully selected, tried out by us, and they are the restaurants you want to come back to.

Stay updated and also check the latest hotspots in Amsterdam in our New Restaurants in Amsterdam list!

Jansz, Reestraat 8, Amsterdam

This beautiful restaurant is part of five-star boutique and design hotel Pulitzer, with its own incredible entrance. Jansz is centrally located on the famous and iconic nine streets. Everything about this restaurant is great: it feels warm, has a chic and cozy atmosphere, it’s beautifully decorated (like Pulitzer hotel) and it’s the perfect place to enjoy lunch with friends or a romantic diner with your love with canal view as option.

If you’re on the hunt for classics like champagne with oysters, carpaccio and steak with fries, Jansz is the place for you. The chef and his team makes classics with a twist, like the carpaccio, which is served with fried potatoes and oysters with buttermilk, granny smith apple and onion. Delicious!

O bistro, Lindengracht 248

This tiny French bistro in the Jordaan serves amazing classic dishes and beautiful wines. The dishes are qualitative and affordable, the flavors are subtle and well-balanced, and the wines are beautifully selected. Also the service is the best while they only have 1 chef and maitre working. The atmosphere is cozy and warm.

Restaurant de Kas, Kamerlingh Onneslaan 3

Where to start.. If you haven’t been here yet it’s about time to experience it. We love love love De Kas and we think many would agree. It has one star Michelin, and after trying it you understand why. Their philosophy, from plant to plate, so their weekly changing menu is based on their garden. They grow 300 varieties of vegetables, herbs and fruits which they use for their dishes. Another level of eating veggies! All their courses are pieces of art, the taste is good and the setting is beautiful, trees planted inside, glass walls and ceilings that offer a view to the beautiful Flevopark!

Alba Amsterdam,
Wibautstraat 105

Lately our new favourite spot in Amsterdam.
Alba in Amsterdam is a must-visit restaurant for natural wine and shared dining enthusiasts. This tiny hidden restaurant is a real gem that serves amazing dishes with a combination of different flavours. All of their dishes are made with seasonal products and techniques from all over the world. Not only their food & wines are outstanding, also the ambiance and staff is on point. Best of all, in summertime you can have drinks and dinner outside on their130m2 terrace with sun all day long!

Gertrude Amsterdam, Bosboom Toussaintstraat 28-H

Located in one of the most beautiful streets in the Oud-West district (if you ask us), Bosboom Toussaintstraat. This tiny and charming restaurant feels like a Parisian bistro.Withcrisp white table cloths, vintage paintings, beautiful wallpaper and a eye catching wooden bar.Je t’aime! Gertrude also has a cosy and leafy terrace where you can have dinner outside. Make sure you reserve your spot, these outside spots are very popular. From delicious eggplant with miso, basil and maitake to burrata with grape, lavender, verjus and macadamia, served with the perfect wines. All dishes on their seasonal menu make you want to try it all. The portions are small and therefore perfect to share.

Café Binnenvisser, Bilderdijkstraat 36

Known for its joyous eveningswith tasteful food, natural wines, beers and hip & cool crowd. Situated on a beautiful corner in West,you will find thispopulair and lively place with a nice,cozy and relaxing ambiance.The menu of cafe cafe Binnenvisser changes every week, but luckily some famous dishes return. One of our favourite’s is the artichoke hearts with crème cru and chive oil. Walk in only.

Café de Klepel, Prinsenstraat 22

This French bistro will give you aculinary experience in a cozy setting in the center of Amsterdam. Café de Klepel is a chic bistro and wine bar. They have about 250 French wines available and most are displayed in the restaurants. Luckily there’s a sommelier who held you to choose. Every day they offer a three or four-course menu, but they also have some delicious snacks available when you just want to drink a glass of wine at the bar.

Branie,Ten Katestraat 26a

Something a little different now. This restaurant is a hidden gem located in the Ten Katestraat in Amsterdam West. Branie – which resembles a daredevil, serves South East Asian dishes and funky co*cktails. Having Indonesian roots, the founders made sure that flavours here are authentic, all with a special twist. For example, you will find tea salad, Peggy Gou Cauliflower, Bao KFC on the menu. Try it!

Café Restaurant Amsterdam, Watertorenplein 6

It’s always a good idea to eat here. Café restaurant Amsterdam is great for lunch, dinner, co*cktails, wine and beers. Located in a former water pumping station, with an impressive large dining space with high ceilings and a beautiful terrace right at the water. Vitello Tonnato, steak with fries,Dutch shrimps with lemon mayonnaise, half a cold lobster with mayonnaise and so much more on the menu. Don’t forget to order yourself a dessert with a creamy espresso martini.. so good!

Coba Taqueria, Schaapstraat 4

One of our favourite restaurants in Amsterdam Noord is surely Coba Taqueria. This fabulous restaurant makes you feel you are a few hours in Mexico. They offer a fresh twist on authentic Mexican cuisine. It’s one of the best places in town to score some fresh, colorful and standout tacos served with delicious salsa. The Mexican vibe is out there, filled with colorful decorations and cactus plants. Don’t you dare leave without trying their cucumber and jasmine kombucha or one of their incredible co*cktails. Be aware, this restaurant is going to hurt your wallet a little bit.

Restaurant Bak, Van Diemenstraat 408

The first time we ate there it was extremely difficult to get a table. Once we did, we were blown away. Bak is located in the former timber port of Amsterdam Houthavens, situated on the third floor. The food was obviously incredible, but what made it extra memorable was the outstanding service. Yes, they know their dishes and wines, but the genuine gestures, carefree conversations with staff, made out evening extra wonderful. Back to the food though, Bak serves seasonal veggies and decided a few years back that they only want to serve wild meat. Meaning; animals that have sourced their own food, and no factory meat. Better for the environment, and often beneficial for the natural flavours. Together with the wonderful view over the water and incredible wine-list, Bak should be on your list also.

Arca, Martelaarsgracht 5

Pretty much a new kid on the block and located inside the Art’Otel across Amsterdam Central Station. We want to add this restaurant to the list, because as soon as you sit down, you feel you are in a real restaurant in every sense of the word. Open kitchen, a cozy fireplace, tables have enough space between them, and wonderful staff. Arca’s menu consists of a mix between Portuguese dishes with here and there some Asian influences – something the way its prepared. Share at least three starters together, and don’t skip the dessert! The cauliflower, basil and peanut butter dessert is a winner for us!

La Fiorita, Tweede Tuindwarsstraat 12

La dolce vita! Looking for good Italian food in the center of Amsterdam? La Fiorita sits in the buzzling ‘Jordaan’ and is the Italian place you should go to. This is your spot when you are a big Italian wine and food lover. They have in wine cellar in their restaurant, with a great selection of wines. They serve juicy classics like carpaccio, burrata, risotto… La Fiorita iswarm and inviting and has an intimate outdoor area.

Baut, Wibautstraat 125

We often go to Baut Oost. Not just for their great terrace, but also for their amazing co*cktails and food. Baut has two locations: Wibautstraat and Amsterdam Oost. Open all day long for a coffee, co*cktail, quick bite and dinner. The food here is rich and full of flavours.

Enjoy and let us know what you think!


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